8 Ways You Can Tell YQG’s Story

Storytelling is widely used in the development of brands for products and services as well as companies but it is also critical for cities of all shapes and sizes. We live in a globally competitive market where talent, companies and population can move ‘somewhat” freely across the world.

Working in tech, we are constantly talking to our companies about building their presence online with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google and Facebook Ads, media hits, social media impressions, referral links, blogs, etc…. So let’s for a second think of Windsor-Essex as a business. Why wouldn’t we want to increase our SEO, social media impressions, media hits, websites visitors, etc…? Don’t we want to retain and attract new customers?

Whether you are a community leader, champion, business/entrepreneur, realtor, or just someone who wants to learn more about Windsor-Essex, here are 7 ways that you can help tell – and learn – our story.

  1. Share the yourWindsor videos: yourWINDSOR​ is a campaign of high-energy videos that celebrate working and living in Windsor. WATCH VIDEOS HERE.
  2. Share the Where Canada Begins Videos by Windsor-Essex Economic Development Corporation. A campaign showcasing the great career opportunities that YQG brings. WATCH VIDEOS HERE.
  3. Share the Windsor-Essex Perspective Globe and Mail Insert – The Windsor Essex Perspective was inserted in the Globe and Mail March 22nd to over 400,000 readers across Ontario, Montreal and Winnipeg. The Perspective is an annual initiative led by WindsorEssex Economic Development Corporation that talks about the highlights of living and working in #YQG. READ IT HERE.
  4. Share Workforce Windsor-Essex Tools: A great tool to learn about labour market information by sector or sub-sector. This tool can be used by employers, jobseekers, students, educators and the community to better understand the current and future workforce through a sector lens. The Sector Dashboards cover the supply and demand of labour as well as job automation forecasts by occupation. VIEW TOOL HERE. For those realtors out there, WEmap Jobs is another great tool that helps map out current, open Windsor-Essex job postings geographically, occupation filter, etc… VIEW MAP HERE.
  5. Follow and Keep Up to Date with Tourism Windsor Essex Pelee Island: From where to dine, where to stay, what to do, and what events are happening, TWEPI has you covered. CHECK THEM OUT.
  6. Tag #YQG offline and online: This is a great way for residents and tourists to locate and aggregate information. Wondering why YQG? READ THIS.)
  7. Share the WINnovation Map – This is a great tool learn about the innovation histroy of Windsor-Essex. Did you know the Palm-N- Turn design for childproof containers was invited in Tecumseh, ON? VIEW MAP HERE.
  8.  Get yourself some YQG, 519 or WINCITY Swag (and rep it) – From t-shirts, to sweaters, to ball caps, to stickers, there are tons of great local retailers selling locally inspired apparel. Among them include: Southwest Shores, BB Branded, RARE Apparel, Windsor Pizza Over Everything, Merch Runners, Bad Babes Co., and more.


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